Flowers are a natural art piece; each individual stem unique. They are meticulously selected for the present occasion; a representation of one fleeting moment in time when the flowers were just right and the evening was perfect.


Our Team


Rachel Huggins Sikora

Growing up memorizing plant names with her Master Gardener mother, Rachel was drawn to nature's colors and vibrancy.  Rachel studied at the University of Georgia's Lamar Dodd's school of fine arts.  With her focus in textiles and oil painting, she enjoyed the layering of textures, patterns, and creating with her hands.  When sitting at a computer all day did not satisfy her creative side after college, she began taking floral classes to make things with her hands again.  She fell in love with the happiness she brings to the brides, friends, and families at each event.  Rachel still enjoys painting in her spare time and dreams of turning her over grown new home in Roswell, Ga into a secret garden.