Flowers are a natural art piece; each individual stem unique. They are meticulously selected for the present occasion; a representation of one fleeting moment in time when the flowers were just right and the evening was perfect.


Our Team


Rachel Sikora

With a background in Textile Design, Rachel is drawn to patterns and textures. She loves the feel of imperfect, handmade pottery. The variety of textures found in nature inspire her. Rachel loves making jewelry and painting in her spare time. She jumps at any excuse to plan a get together with friends, which are always accompanied by a specialty cocktail. Rachel and her husband, Frank, love to go backpacking and skiing, as well as traveling to new places. They love the mountains and the water, and dream of a house at the lake. 

Laura Vance

With a degree in Interior Design, Laura is passionate about melding various styles for a warm, eclectic feel. As a lover of all things vintage and unique, she draws inspiration from antiques and worldly styles. Mixing the old with the new is her absolute favorite. In her spare time she can be found creating art in many different forms, or piddling around local flea markets. Her and her husband, Charlie, love traveling and exploring the world. They spend their time working on renovating their home, and recently added a camper named Darla to the mix.